We reflect our artistic point of view with 2D animation

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Nursery Rhymes

 Educational, instructive and entertaining content in different languages appealing to 0-3 and 3-9 age groups.


Cartoon Network, Netflix, Disney quality 2D cartoon production for kids and adults


We use the different style of 2D animation, to take your brand one step further and reflect its values.

About Us

We are a studio that produces creative and innovative works by blending the power of 2D animation with new techniques. The main factor behind our success is our artistic perspective. The values that will emerge when we combine the power of art with our analytical perspective will take your brand and projects one step further. We interpret the messages you want to convey with your brand and product, in our own way, for the target audience. We are aware of storytelling’s importance and blend it in the best way possible


To become one of the leading animation studios by developing new animation and art styles and achieving world-class success


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